New Pneumomia Vaccine with 20 types of bacteria

New Pneumonia Vaccine is now available. Pneumococcal disease is a serious infection caused by bacteria that can infect the sinuses, inner ear, lungs, blood, and brain. Newer vaccines contain 20 different types of pneumococcal bacteria to help your body develop immunity to the disease. #marilynwetston#zoomereradio. Every #satmorning #zoomereradio What you need to know about Pneumococcal…

Why Vitamin D is important

More than 42% of Americans are not getting enough vitamin D that our skin produces from sunlight. Canadians too. Known as the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D Is needed to build & maintain healthy bones, is an antioxidant, and supports immune health.Vitamin D is the one supplement you should consider taking-1-2K IU daily