Why Vitamin D is important

More than 42% of Americans are not getting enough vitamin D that our skin produces from sunlight. Canadians too. Known as the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D Is needed to build & maintain healthy bones, is an antioxidant, and supports immune health.Vitamin D is the one supplement you should consider taking-1-2K IU daily

An Effective Prescription for an Increasing Problem

The decline in routine vaccinations has significant negative consequences for public health and the economy. Learn about how access to vaccines and collaboration across all sectors is critical for protecting Ontarians The direct effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have certainly been much discussed and analyzed, including its profound changes to the global economy. Given the…

Navigating Change Healthy Aging for Women

It was my privilege to speak with Bernadette Wagner, Founder of Prime Time for Women, as a part of her Navigating Change series. We discussed my latest book, The New Woman’s Guide to Healthy Aging, and the many ways that women can take charge of their wellbeing and age healthfully. : https://lnkd.in/ebE7dBG. #healthcare#interview#womenshealth