A focus on the birth control pill

HealthChoicesFirst – Focus on the birth control pill

I am featured in some small video segments discussing the birth control pill that have been posted on the HealthChoicesFirst website. These 2 minute videos answer more specific questions about the birth control pill. Video titles include:

What are Common vs. Rare Risks with the Pill?

Non-Contraceptive Benefits of the Pill

Risk Assessments with the Pill

The Pill as a Contraceptive Choice

Today’s Risks for the Birth Control Pill

Rare Risks with Birth Control Pills

Pill Talk With Your Doc

Check out our webcast – Pill Talk With Your Doc   Pill Talk With Your Doc is one of my most recent projects that takes advantage of social media in health education. In the webinar featured on the site, I explain the most recent guidelines on the risks and benefits of oral contraceptives from the Society of…