Are your immunizations up to date? Immunize Canada wants you to #getvax

shutterstock_164560082 (1).jpgImmunize Canada wants to make sure you #getvax and celebrate a healthy tomorrow.

100 years ago, infectious diseases were the leading causes of deaths worldwide.  In Canada, they now cause lets than 5% of all deaths, thanks in part to immunization programs across the country.

However, diseases don’t go away.  They are held at bay through rigorous vaccination programmes.  But suddenly in recent years, we have seen a resurgence of mumps across the country especially in certain age groups, born between 1970-1994. While this age group was immunized, they generally received only one vaccine against mumps, and we now know two are necessary. There are also individuals arriving from other nations where there are limited immunization programs, and they may be at risk.

Immunization week in Canada is April 22-29.  We have a lot to celebrate.   Our country was at the forefront of vaccine and drug discoveries when Connaught Laboratories at the University of Toronto, became one of the first to produce large-scale quantities of insulin in 1922 and continued to be a major supplier of insulin into the 1980’s.  Connaught continues to be active in vaccine production and research. When the Ebola outbreak resurfaced in West Africa between 2013 until 2017, Canada and the US partnered to develop a pioneering drug to fight the deadly disease which left 28,000 people dead and 11,000 more infected.

Arguably the most significant develop in public health over the past hundred years has been the development of vaccines.  While our vaccination rate is high, we can be doing a better job of reaching all at-risk groups including refugee immigrants, the mentally ill and those who are suspicious about vaccinations. All adults over the age of 65 are considered at risk as our immune system weakens with age.

New app helps keep track-CANImmunize

It is now easier to keep track, thanks to Immunize Canada and a new app, CANImmunize.  It helps you keep up to date with your vaccinations.  It also provides the ability to manage your families’ immunization records with the use of their smartphones or mobile devices. It also includes automatic reminders to schedule routine vaccinations and access to timely and trusted information about recommended vaccinations for children, adults, and travelers.  Available in the App Store for iPhones & iPads.

So this week and throughout the year, help yourself, your family and others stay healthy, by keeping up to date with your vaccinations and remember to #getvax


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