ChrisKornackiI will be honest; my issue is not wanting to exercise or take the time to work out. I have a very busy schedule and find it hard to fit in.   Although I know and talk about the importance of exercise and healthy aging, internally I find it hard to schedule.  I tell myself that’s because of work. However, enough is enough. I need to make this a priority.

So before the holidays,  I decided to make a commitment, set a reasonable goal and act on it.  For me, creating the challenge and then living up to it is always satisfying and I feel energized by the effort. This led to rearranging my work schedule, book with a trainer and just do it!  No more excuses.So my journey has begun.  I am meeting weekly with Chris, a young, bright,

So my journey has begun.  I am meeting weekly with Chris (pictured above), a young, bright, well-educated trainer in charge of TOTUM, the fitness facility in the Medisys location where I work on Thursdays.  I, therefore, changed from business attire to workout clothes and walked into a beautiful new facility for my assessment. Intimidating? YES. Important? YES. Part of my routine, well, I am trying to keep that focus and have booked a month of appointments, even pre-paying for them so I am less likely to cancel.

How am I doing? So far, less intimidated and starting to feel more positive. Not yet stronger or healthier, but it is early. I will let you know how it goes.

So, whether your goal is healthy eating, exercise or getting more sleep, don’t make a New Year’s resolution. Instead, dig deep within yourself for the answers and take responsibility. Be honest with yourself and you may just find the best resolution of all.


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