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Healthy aging is a lifelong process of optimizing opportunities for improving and preserving all aspects of your health whether it’s your physical well being, enhancing your social and mental wellness or transitioning successfully through various stages in your life.

Healthy aging can delay or minimize the severity of chronic diseases and disabilities in later life, saving health care costs and reducing long term care needs and enabling you to get more out of life.

Over the next several blogs I will be talking about and giving you information on healthy aging. What it means; What you need to keep on track; As well as providing some eye opening statistics on the state of our health in Canada.

The first step on the road towards healthy aging is to determine how healthy are you. Here is a checklist of key indicators you can use to determine whether you are on track.

How Healthy are You?

•What is your overall health status today?

•How would you rate your quality of life?

•Is your BMI normal?

•Are you able to walk and run?

•Are you able to squat down to the floor?

•Do you have a strong grip?

•Do you suffer any chronic health conditions?

•Diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, back
pain, lung problems, mental health?

This is your baseline for starting to take stock of your health.  In my next blog, I will provide you with a further incentive to get in shape and start thinking about healthy aging, with some eye opening statistics on the state of our health in Canada.